Sunday, October 04, 2009

Harvest: Nortons, Friends, Tractors and FUN!

The final weekend of harvest was this weekend... and we hauled 60 lugs of Nortons off the 11 rows in the vineyard. (that's 2,100 lbs for those of you who don't think in lugs). Thanks to some help from great friends and neighbors we had them all off the vine and crushed by 4:30 on Saturday afternoon. It was a windy and cool day.. more like November than October, but the fun of talking and laughing in the vineyard made the work go quickly.

Our daughter Gretchen and granddaughter Sydney spent the weekend out at the farm with us too. That made for some sweet photos too! Enjoy... oh, and maybe sip a glass of wine while you do it.

Sydney discusses her theories of how the tractor works.

Sydney and I took a walk in the meadow. Notice our matching
grey hoodies... it was definitely hoodie weather!

That's a million dollar grin on that girl!
Norton grapes going into the crusher.

Here's how they look coming out of the crusher... or the squisher as one of our neighbor's kids calls it.