Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grandma Camp... the Finale!

You know those pictures of monkeys...see no evil, hear no evil, etc?
Well, this foursome could be called talking, giggling, reading, and contemplating... 
I have no IDEA what Asher was thinking about!

I was so proud of Rhylah, she went from a step-hugger to a swimmer in
about 15 minutes! You can see how much fun she's having!

The whole crew decided to tackle Papa at the same time! Whee!

Here's the whole gang: Top step: Gabriel, Leon, and Nathan (boys only!) Middle steps: Sydney and  Rhylah. Bottom step: Gretchen, Katrina, and Asher. Come on over, there's room for MORE! We might even have an extra beach towel!

As you can see... water was a central feature of Grandma/Papa Camp 2010! By Thursday night everyone arrived safely home from the National Lutheran Youth Gathering and so after a good night's sleep we were all set for two straight nights of swimming and barbecue. The weather cooperated by being hot and sunny! A great splashy time was had by all!!! Here's the whole gang together, however, it's never possible to get EVERYONE looking at the camera at the same time... this time Syd looked away but in my other shots 2-3 other people were not saying cheese either.

We had so much fun, we think we may do it again next summer! Cheers!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grandma Camp Days 1, 2, & 3

We are currently enjoying the gift of a whole week with our grandkids... starting on July 15th with Sydney's arrival and soon to be expanded when her cousins arrive tomorrow for another 5 days of fun. Some of my gal pals on Facebook call this set-up "Grandma Camp" and I LOVE the name! It's really just a week of summertime fun and we do pretty much whatever we want to do! Even if Papa and Grandma need a week to recuperate afterwards it's well worth it. Here's a look at Days 1, 2, and  3.

Syd arrived on Thursday afternoon... and we started by doing some painting... first time with watercolors is always a fun time!

Next,  we moved on to swimming...Syd loves our pool and swims in it at least an hour or two each day she's here. So on day two we did a lot of that since the temps are in the 90+ range here right now.

Today is Day 3 and we headed for the McNair Park Aquatic Center... a great kid's pool just around the corner from our house. Since it was a Saturday, I knew there'd be oodles of kids splashing in the place and Syd would have a blast! We packed our PBJ and some other snacks, grabbed towels and sunscreen and off we went!
  Syd LOVED it all! The water slide was the big hit of the day; I think she went down it at LEAST 3 dozen times! It also provided a good start on learning to stand in line and wait for your turn to go... a tricky thing for a two yr old tyke to figure out. Syd is VERY brave and independent and insisted on doing it "all by myself" after only 2 times down with me.

All in all, you can see that we're having a really great time....
 here is one tired kid ready to go home for a nap...

Maybe we'll come back for another hour at McNair afterward! This time, if he's really good, we may even bring Papa along!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blame it on the New Toy

I've been a very negligent blogger these past couple of months and it's not really my fault...
It's this little thing's fault...
Yup, my husband gave me an iPhone for Mother's Day, and so lately I spend SO much less time on my laptop or desktop, and LOTS more time playing around on this little baby!
Yeah, it's addicting, and wrong to love a little piece of technology so much, but the little critter is SO handy and those apps are SO appealing and free (or almost!)
Eventually, I suppose, I will be cured... about the time I switch from my Kindle to an iPad.... oh don't even SAY it!
Yes, I know I could post onto my blog from the phone, but those little keys take forever... I am a pretty slow texter still... but I am willing to practice! 'Scuse me... gotta go answer a call! :-)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Not Gonna Lie.... Fireworks photography is the BOMB!

I had a blast last night with my camera.... pun TOTALLY intended! Here are just a few! Enjoy! (The venue was the Riverfest in St. Charles... good show!) You'll have to fill in your own "ooh's & aaah's"!
Our 4th of July girl herself... wearing mom's hat and shoes! Ready to go to the Riverfront!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Holy Boats!!! It's July!

I don't know about you, dear readers, but the month of July always fills me with dread!!! It marks (for me) the beginning of the end, the half way point of summer. Now I want you to know I really love teaching and I work with some awesome teens, but no teacher in her right mind will ever fail to also admit that they dread the 10 months of constant paper-shuffling and grading that comes with the job. So summertime, that blissful time where you can set your own pace, eat a long lunch with a friend, and do whatever you feel like come evening is SUCH an important and much-loved time.
So what have I accomplished thus far in my first half of summer? Sounds like a perfect opening for one of my lists! Here goes:
This summer so far I have:
1. Read a dozen novels of various types.
2. Traveled to Washington DC with Ed for 5 days.
3. Finished knitting a sweater for myself.
4. Gone to see 2 movies (yes,one was "Twilight")
5. Baked brownies or cookie bars at least once per week.
6. Spent at least one full day per week w/ Sydney.
7. Had a zoo trip/picnic day.
8. Cultivated two really decent gardens (at home & vineyard).
9. Gotten up by 7:30 every day but 3.
10. Spent at least one night each week with friends.

So you see... It's been a fine first half!!