Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Joys of Being a Learner

For the last two days I have been immersed in the Midwest Educational Technology Conference here in St Charles. the best part of it is that I get to be a "kid again"; that means I get to be a learner. I get to discover new things and I also get to find things I can bring back to school to share with my students! It has been a total blast and the PERFECT thing to spark ME back to life in the middle of the winter!

Right at this very moment, I am sitting in a session on blogging and got inspired to revive my AP Lit blog. It is called "Our Tip of AP Lit Iceberg" and there's a link to it in the sidebar. So give me a couple days to get back to class... And then come have a look at what my kids will be buzzing about.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Gift of Snow

Today the snowflakes FINALLY fell for real in Missouri. It's been such a long, gray winter and we were about to lose hope of seeing ANY of the white stuff. However, today it arrived. It made one little 4 year old person VERY happy!

Syd is staying with us for a 3 day visit and she and I headed out into the white stuff just as soon as the grass was covered. We slid down the neighbor's hill, rolled in the snow, threw it at each other, and made the mandatory snow angels. She giggled the entire time and I have to admit, so did I! What is it about the magical combination of cold air and water that can make us drop our stress levels and just act like a kid? I don't know... but I am not about to question this wonder of meteorology! For a February snowfall- this was just right! Thank-you God - and any of your assisting snow angels as well!