Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day...Musings

It's the official first weekend of summer. Known on the calendar as a national holiday, Memorial Day has changed a great deal from its beginnings just after the Civil War. Then is was known as Decoration Day and it was a day designed for Americans to go out and honor the American war dead by decorating their graves. My grandmother and mother always called the day by its original name and I remember taking flats of geraniums and marigolds to the cemetery in Livonia, Michigan where most of my ancestors are buried. We'd pull weeds and put in new flower plantings for most of the morning. Then we'd go home and barbecue in the backyard to complete the day.

I don't do that anymore, largely because I live far away from Michigan and I have no loved ones buried in Missouri. But it struck me today, that no one lives in Michigan that I can think of who will be decorating my grandparents graves today. My mom moved east to Pennsylvania almost 14 years ago now, and I doubt that my brother, who is still in Detroit, does this annual task.  But I can pause and think about them and others who have given their lives for our nation.

Then it will be time for some recreation with the living... my family and friends. Perhaps we will swim, or garden, or have a picnic. Summer begins this way, with remembering and recreating, a good combination in many ways.  May your Memorial Day weekend be a good one too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Things I Wish for Them

These are just a few of the really neat people I get to spend time with everyday. They are a little over one week from graduation, and I always find myself feeling reflective about the students I have spent time with during this last week of school. Some will leave our school on May 23rd never to be seen again. Others will return to visit or touch base occasionally so that we will know what has become of them. All of them have big dreams for their futures and are excited (and somewhat scared) about the next adventure, college. The photo above was taken on "college T-shirt day" - a special dress day on which seniors could be out of uniform and "advertise" their loyalty to their next school. All in all a really fun day.

So what would I wish for them if I could control the future? There are several things - sounds like a list coming!
1. I would wish that they would hold on to their faith both in God and in their ability to make a difference in the world as Christians.
2. I would wish that they would be able to see beyond the surface of people and problems so that they can look deeply, think deeply, and really be able to love others and solve big issues in our world.
3. I wish that they will be committed to caring about the planet and ALL the people on it.
4. I wish that they will never EVER stop learning and loving to learn.
5. I wish that they will become caring, considerate adults who love their parents and become good parents themselves.
6. I wish that they will always value people and principles more than money and the "stuff" it buys.
7. I wish that they leave America in better shape than their parents' generation did.
8. I wish that they will be leaders in their churches, whatever the denomination may be or become.
9. I wish them joyful homes with loving and committed spouses.
10. I wish them many reasons to smile and fewer reasons to cry.

There... wishes made... and prayers promised to continue for the Class of 2010!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Girl Has Gotta Have Wheels

Syd got her first set of wheels yesterday. We noticed her really loving the pedal cars and tricycles at her sitter's house and figured the time was just right for wheels. Scored the cutest little Radio Flyer brand trike at Walmart of all places. Two trips down the sidewalk and the tyke and trike were doing great. She has to work on her steering a bit, but she's motoring for real now!
The 2010 Pink and Purple Radio Flyer Special!

Papa lends a hand with the steering.

Here she goes!
Time to check out what will fit in the "trunk" space. 
Lots of treasures, like stones, clover flowers, and Sweetgum tree balls.

Back at it... whee!

On her own and doing fine!

Feeling pretty grown up and proud!