Monday, September 13, 2010

A Weekend of Wine

We harvested our grapes last weekend so this weekend we found ourselves bottling the 2009 Niagara. What a FINE wine that turned out to be! Very soft and smooth. I really like it and it will probably be my favorite for this year. Primary fermentation wrapped up this week on the whites and they are all in their barrels and on the way to becoming the wines of 2010. Nortons are still to come.. maybe in a week or two.

So what did project Give-Away involve this week? Wine, of course. I met Peggy Rodgers a member of the good people at Agape Ministries in Warrenton. These fine folks supply help and assistance to people in need in Warren County and do a lot of great work for anyone in dire financial straits. They had their annual fundraiser at Bogey Hills this past weekend and we are really proud they invited Rolling Meadows to donate to the cause. Part of the evening included a wine raffle... so we know that at least a dozen folks went home with some of our wines! I also managed to give wine to our neighbors out on Eden Trail. Everyone who tried the new Niagara pronounced it "Delicious!"

Swam in the pool for what may be the last time this summer... nights are getting cooler and the temps are dropping even with the solar blanket! It's down to 74 and if we have more cool weather this week it will go lower. I got in today and it felt good, though it always makes me sad to put it to sleep for the winter! We had SUCH fun in it this year with all the kiddos in town doing their best to be fish!

Monday, September 06, 2010

September - Summer Sighs Away

Here it is.... September! Oh my!

While we've been at school for 3 weeks now, my grandson Gabe will be starting 3rd grade tomorrow! Does anyone out there remember 3rd grade? I don't, but since I can multiply, I am sure that somewhere along the way, I went to third grade! I don't even have any idea who my teacher was although I know my daughter cares VERY much about who Gabe's teachers are each year. Isn't that funny? The things we as parents deem SO major and life changing, may very well turn out to be something that our kids won't even remember when they get to be our age! (or maybe 3rd grade was so traumatic that I blocked it out!)

So what DO I remember from being 8? I do know that I got a piano in the third grade and I started taking lessons. It was a huge investment for my parents. The instrument was a Baldwin and cost $800 in 1963 - which probably represented a sizable portion of my father's annual salary in those days! The other big event of my 8th year was the arrival of my baby brother whom we adopted in November. He became ours on the same day that JFK was assassinated, a totally surreal conjunction of events that made me one of the few people my age who was NOT in school on the day that happened and hit the news.

Project Give-Away update: This week was spent getting ready for harvest. And the big thing we gave away was about 30 lbs of grapes to the Rhodes/Moody family who came out to the vineyard and shared some delightful time with us on Saturday night. I guess that counts for the project and it was totally fun. Then tonight, I gave BACK a dress that had been Gret's back when she was in high school... no, she's not going to wear it, but she has an interesting need for an old dress from her past.

Pool is still hovering around 78 degrees... and with the nights getting cooler, keeping it warm is becoming a true solar blanket challenge! I don't WANT that part of summer to end! I love the pool!!!