Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
We're sitting here in the family room, watching the snow fly and the Olympics on television. Very cozy and very relaxing.

Had a special treat for Valentine's Day this year... Sydney came to spend the night last night and the morning with us today. Her parents were supposed to go for a night on the town... but it didn't work out that way. Gretchen caught a bug and it made thoughts of going out something for another time. However, our Syd date remained a go and we had a blast. She's so much fun these days. Our big entertainment of last night was going grocery shopping. She LOVES to push the mini-carts that they have at our local IGA... we go "hunting" for things and then we track down Papa with the big cart and dump our treasures into it. She gets all excited at the idea of hunting for cheese and counting out oranges! You'd think we were at an amusement park!

The neatest thing happened last night... an elderly gentleman walked up to Syd and said, "You are such a good helper! I am getting my own granddaughter from China this week... This is for you!" and he handed her a Dollar! Syd, having no idea what money is, just looked at it and handed it to me and we did our "thank-you's" and he moved on into the store.  It struck me as he walked away, how much we take for granted... and made me savor the moment even more.

So here's to a day set aside to love the ones who are precious to us, both near and far. It's commercial, perhaps, and perhaps a tad silly... but it's also and excuse to celebrate love.... hugs to all of you!

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