Friday, July 28, 2017

Dinosaur ruminations: Can't We Just Exercise Civility?

Manners have apparently become a thing for the dinosaurs. Today and yesterday we were greeted by news stories about the "Mooch", the man who has become the President's new Press Secretary. Over and over again we had to listen to warnings about the vulgarity of his language. He is referred to as having been "unplugged" After wishing someone would put the plug back in, my main thought was, "Where have all the gentlemen gone?" Okay, I know I am dating myself here, but while I may have heard men of my childhood speak an occasional cuss word, I NEVER heard the "f-bomb" come flying out of the mouths of my dad, or any of the men in my immediate family and friends circle. (Of course, back in my day, even high school guys of my age didn't unplug that expletive without facing down a lot of disapproval! The fact that it is now something a man who is supposed to represent the White House to the public can just let fly out of his mouth is appalling to me as a citizen.

So I have to ask, where has simply civility gone? Is it now "okay" (allowable) to say whatever you wish, however you wish, and wherever you wish? Does public disapproval of the "Mooch" mean anything at all? Should we be able to expect the President to hold his staff to a higher standard as they speak to the American people? Wish I had the answers. I know I wish things were different.


Heather Moore said...

I think all manners and professionalism were out the window once we got this new President. The Obamas had class and grace and the President was still relatable without being vulgar.

If you find the gentlemen, let me know. Now online apps seem to be the only way people date anymore and you can pretend to be whoever you want. Terrifying.

Claudia Staude said...

Thanks for the follow. I don't know about who is ultimately responsible for the loss of manners... I suspect it has been accelerated by our current administration, and it really saddens me when our national leaders of all stripes cannot be held up as role models of civility and manners. And that includes the staff that works for them and speaks for them.

I will stay on the lookout for gentlemen... ;-) In the meantime feel free to use the standard my grandma passed to me years before I met Ed. She said, "Watch for a man who carries a handkerchief to offer to a lady when she is upset and who takes his hat off when entering the house." My husband had both of these! Handkerchiefs, too, are sadly out of fashion these days, but my guy still always has one in his back left pocket.